About us

Real Estate Agency Sant 719 is providing successfully high quality mediation services in selling, buying and renting property in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) for seven years. When it comes to selling real estate, buying, renting or leasing of property, replacement property, property legalization, estimates the market value of real estate or consulting,

Real Estate Agency Sant 719 is your best choice! Due to the chaotic real estate market and many pitfalls when buying, selling or renting property in BiH, there was a need for professional service of high quality and safe mediation in a real estate and that how Real Estate Agency Sant 719 arises. Agency was founded by a prominent professor of Sarajevo University, Assistant Professor Dr Suad Kurtćehajić and Amela Kurtćehajić who, aware of the problems of the real estate market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided to use their knowledge and expertise to establish Real Estate Agency that will provide its customers a complete service and solutions from the sale of real estate, buying real estate, renting real estate and consulting to help the legalization of property.

As a result, Sant 719 is known as one of the leading Agencies in the fields of sale of real estate, buying or renting property in the region and beyond. Many years of experience in real estate, clear vision, good market knowledge, expertise of employees who are certified by international certification market assessment of property and membership in UPN's (Association of the participants in Real Estate) are the best guarantee of high quality services. In mediation in real estate, whether it comes to buying or selling real estate, lease or exchange of property it is important to select a reliable and secure partner. Real Estate Agency Sant 719 should be your first choice.